6 Ways to Build a More Creative Organization with Dr Bob Tobin - Author, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker

Event:   6 Ways to Build a More Creative Organization with Dr Bob Tobin - Author, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker
Date:   2014-10-28 19:00:00
Time:   19:00
Location:   Roppongi Hills Club
Address:   51F Mori Tower
Venue Website:   http://www.roppongihillsclub.com/visitor/dfw/en/info/access.html
Member Price:   8,000 yen
Non-Member Price:   10,000 yen


What Are The Ways To Build a More Creative Organization? How can we continuously come up with new ideas and encourage creativity in others?
How can you create an atmosphere where people work without fear? How can you develop the courage to be creative? How do you lead creative teams? How can you encourage innovation where you work? How can you meet the unmet needs of the consumer?
These are a few of the questions we’ll explore in the presentation by consultant, professor and author, Dr Bob Tobin. He’ll talk about the importance of courage, reading the air, finding your own story, asking the right questions, and the value of dreaming in your branding and marketing.
Be prepared for a lively interactive presentation that will propel you to realize more of your creativity potential and the creativity of the people you work with. 
Bring a team from your organization, and multiply the results.

About Dr Tobin
Dr. Bob Tobin taught courses in creativity, change and business strategy for 25 year as a member of Keio University’s Faculty of Business and Commerce where he is now Professor Emeritus.
Bob is conference speaker, consultant, and author of What Do You Want To Create Today, published by BenBella Books. You can see Bob’s TEDX talk here.
He has consulted and spoken to groups at Merck, UBS, Louis Vuitton, AIG, Citigroup, World Bank, and more. Bob is originally from the Boston area, received his doctorate from Boston University and has been based in Japan for more than 25 years. He has taught at universities and consulted throughout Asia and the U.S.
He and his partner Hitoshi Ohashi also own the Tobin Ohashi Gallery which Time Magazine called one of the top 4 places to see art in Tokyo.
Bob’s book is available on Amazon and at bookstores throughout Japan and will be available at the presentation.